by Paul Turowski, Simon Hutchinson
July 5, 2019, 1:20 pm

Rhythmcremental is an incrementally evolving drum machine where players create their own beats in a "clicker" game. Players click the “Click” box to gain points. Points are used to buy items which can be dragged from the inventory on the left of the screen into the grid on the right. Items in the grid add more points as they are triggered sequentially.

Rhythmcremental is inspired by the mechanics of so-called clicker games like Cookie Clicker and rhythm games like Guitar Hero. It features rhythmic pattern matching (clicking in time increases the point multiplier), incremental progression (more items become available over time) and statistical analysis, yet departs from these games in that it is more concerned with musical authorship—i.e. the creation of unique patterns and arrangements. Accessibility was a primary design consideration in the creation of Rhythmcremental. The controls are simple (click and drag). While there is a large field of musical possibilities, the materials are arranged so that consonant melodic/harmonic relationships can be generated without requiring an understanding of the underlying musical theory. It is freely available in multiple formats, including HTML5, Android, and iOS versions. Additionally, unique codes are generated for all musical patterns to facilitate saving and sharing.

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