Musical Paintings

by Ian Costabile (postgraduate student)
September 7, 2016, 1:15 pm

This project concerns the production of a series of "musical paintings", which are paintings carrying speaker arrays behind the canvas. The idea is to approach the visual experience of a painting using sound images. For this, techniques related to sound spatialisation and 3D music are employed.

The first work of this series, Collage #1, has been exhibited in 2014 in the UK. This painting utilises recorded sounds to create a virtual scenario, a simulacrum of a forest auditory panorama. Eight sounds are located in different positions around the canvas: two frog sounds, two cicada sounds, two bird sounds, the sound of running water and a synthesized sound to create an additional harmonic ambience.

Other musical paintings are currently in production.

For additional information please see here.

AV Media (14) Acousmatic Composition (6) Spatialisation and Sonic Image (5) Installation (3)