Liquid Study no. 1

by Benjamin Hackbarth
September 17, 2016, 8:49 am

This piece, for the Arditti string quartet and computer sound, is the first in a series of pieces that I intend to write to explore an imagined physics based on the behaviour of fluids. Ideas such as turbulence, disruptions and ripples, surface tension, and the interaction of dissimilar liquids inspire both the gestural language and the formal design of this composition. While the electronic and acoustic sounds often share certain articulative tendencies and a similar sense of gestural elasticity, they rarely fuse together as one. Rather they behave much more like oil and water - two distinct entities which share a diaphanous boundary, inherently responsive to each other, yet stubbornly separate and divisible. Always filling each others’ voids, pulling when pushed and pushing when pulled. This piece is warmly dedicated to Roger Reynolds, who taught me, among other things, that the act of searching for words to describe what you do invariably connects your music to the world around you.

Premiere performance by the Arditti String Quartet in California.
Excerpt from the score, m. 205.

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Composition and Performance (22) Instruments and Computer Sound (12)