Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis, Act V

by Daniel Fallon (postgraduate student), Isabel Benito-Gutiérrez (postgraduate student), Liam Carey (postgraduate student), Andrew Graley (postgraduate student)
September 8, 2016, 9:43 pm

A re-scoring of Walter Ruttmann’s Berlin: Symphony of A Metropolis in collaboration with composers Isabel Benitez, Liam Carey and Andrew Graley. The score to Act I explores my own research interests and is constituted in the aesthetic and timbral unity between the instrumental performances and the sounds of diegetic objects. My contribution to Act V is composed entirely of sounds originating from the environments depicted on screen. By manipulating the sounds electronically the aim was to draw out different pitches and textures to create an accessible, immersive and musical listening experience.

Composition and Performance (22) AV Media (14)