Berlin, Symphony of a Metropolis (act 2)

by Isabel Benito-Gutiérrez (postgraduate student)
September 7, 2016, 1:15 pm

Although this work is based on the second act of the silent film "Berlin, Symphony of a Metropolis", I wouldn’t categorise it as music for film in the general and universal vision people can have about how music for film should be following all the cliches and techniques that both diegetic and extra-diegetic music use to reinforce the drama or the narrative of a film. In the particular case of “Berlin, Symphony of a Metropolis” of course a reinforcement exists but is not based on a conventional storytelling , it is more about the motion itself, the evocation of the images and the general idea of each act, as all five acts have their own main topic.

Composition and Performance (22) AV Media (14)