ICCaT Researcher: Isabel Benito-Gutiérrez

Isabel Benito-Gutiérrez (1981), was born in Santander (Spain), where she studied piano at the Conservatorio Municipal Ataúlfo Argenta with M. Isabel Charlón. In the lasts days of her degree she started to be very interested in harmony and counterpoint. For this reason, she finally decided to move to Barcelona to study theory and composition at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMuC), where she studied with the masters Luis Naón and Mauricio Sotelo, and attended seminars and master-classes by Lasse Thoresen, Daniel Teruggi, Joan Albert Amargós, José Nieto, Hilda Paredes, Kaija Saariaho, Jose María Sánchez-Verdú and many others. In 2013 she moved to England where she did her PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) at the University of Huddersfield, working in the City of Liverpool College. Currently she combines her job as music educator whilst a Master of research in music composition at the University of Liverpool being mentored by Dr. Ben Hackbarth. Within this course she worked along with other Postgraduate students composing music for a silent film, this project was carried out with the collaboration of FACT Liverpool and became part of the Open Circuit Festival 2016. Her music is intuitive and artisanal and with a strong and magnetic nature. She creates contemporary music to be attractive not just to musicians, but for people from any professional field, as she thinks art is for everyone, and any person can feel an artistic representation inside. Many of her works have an interdisciplinary sense, mostly combined with painting, as she is very interested in this plastic art, while also in architecture, photography and cinematography. https://isabelbenitogutierrez.wordpress.com/